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The waterfall approach breaks project activities down into linear phases. Each phase depends on the delivery of the previous one. It is useful in industries like construction or when it is not possible to make major changes after a project starts.

Ways of working

Ways of working describes how a team works together and the processes and methods they use to get work done.

It also describes the behaviours and culture within the team.

Week notes

A brief description of what the team has been working on that week. It might include results from research, photos of activities and reasons for decisions.

All of the team contribute to week notes if they are working that week.

Working in the open

Teams communicate openly about what they’re working on and how they’re working, including successes and failures. This includes sharing what they learn from user research and how this helps them to make decisions.

Working in the open helps teams to get feedback and give them confidence that they are working in the right direction. It also leads to better trust with stakeholders and confidence that the team is delivering value for users. Examples include show and tells and week notes.


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