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Groups of people who need to use the product or service that you are working on. Users could be colleagues, customers, Co-op members or the general public.

User needs

Things that users need from a product or service to get the right outcome for them. User needs help teams to make decisions when they create products or services.

User research

User research helps teams make decisions by providing them with information about evidence-based insight into their users’ behaviours, experiences and needs. User research involves gathering information directly from the people who use the product or service. It includes collecting quantitative or qualitative data or a combination of the two.

User Researcher

User Researchers gather information from users about their behaviours, needs and motivations. They help teams to make decisions based on evidence. They are often the voice of the user within a team. User researchers help to make sure that products and services are understandable and accessible to everyone.

User stories

User stories describe what the user’s needs from a product or service and explore ideas for solutions. The team produces a number of user stories so that they can prioritise them and focus on what is most important for the user.


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