Stand up

Start each day as a team - ask for help, share problems and updates.

The team
5-15 minutes



All members of the team, if people are working remotely they can dial in.


Stand ups happen each morning at a time that suits the team.

Things you need

Task board. It could be a physical board (link to Kanban board) with post its and sharpies, or a digital eg Jira or Trello.

Tips on running the session

    • Agree a time for the stand up that suits all of the team so that everyone can be there.
    • If some members of the team are not turning up, find out if there is a reason, for example, it’s not at the right time for them
    • All stand ups need someone to lead so that you keep people to time when they are giving updates
    • Practice beforehand to check that the timing and pace work

    If you want to attend a stand up, feedback to us and we can try to arrange it.


  1. One person from the team should run the stand up but that person can rotate throughout the week.
  2. Go round the team, allowing each team member to give a short update on their progress - this might include asking for help or support with their work
  3. Ensure all the team have given an update and allow for any questions.
  4. If anything needs in-depth discussion, it's best to end the stand up and let the people required pick up the discussion.


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