Show and tell

Share progress and problems to a wider audience.

3-10 people
30 minutes



Team and key stakeholders. Invite anyone who you think would have an interest in hearing about your updates.


Show and tells usually have a regular slot each week, fortnight or month. Whatever works best for the team.

Things you need

You need to be able to show the things you've been working on, these might be live demos of the product, working prototypes or visuals that can help tell the story or demonstrate the value of the progress. Naturally you will also need a space that allows for this.

Tips on running the session

    • Allow 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions
    • Avoid having a lot of content on each slide and try and use simple sentences and images where you can
    • Have at least 3 people speaking to provide a range of voices
    • Practice beforehand to check that the timing and pace work
    • Shout about the things that have gone well but also talk about the things that have been challenging
    • Expect questions. Be honest if you don’t know the answer and offer to follow up with anyone who wants to get into a longer debate


  1. Introduce yourself, your team, what you are going to be talking about and who’s going to be speaking.
  2. Explain that show and tells are a key part of reporting for the project and that colleagues are very welcome to ask questions. Be clear whether you want people to ask questions during the presentation or keep them until the end
  3. Provide 2 to 5 key points about the progress on your product or service. Resist telling everyone about everything you have done. If you’re not sure what to talk about, pick one thing that went well, one thing that didn’t go well and something it would be helpful to have feedback on.
  4. Make sure you have time for people to ask questions.
  5. Tell people about the next Show and Tell and circulate the slides or visuals if you think that would help people.
  6. Review the Show and Tell as a team afterwards.


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