How might we

Frame insights or problems as questions that the whole team can focus on.

1-6 people
1 hour


  1. Review your key insights from research, these are a good starting point for questions
  2. Write out what you want to achieve as a question on post-its, e.g. “How might we make it quick for customers to pay?”
  3. Aim for quantity, and continue to add questions until you run out of thoughts
  4. Group the how might we’s into common themes
  5. For each theme, write out a couple of key HMWs that articulate the most important questions
  6. Ensure your key how might we’s aren’t too broad or too specific, they should focus you on the problem whilst giving you space to come up with ideas
  7. Use the key HMWs as starting points for idea generation, you might do a Mind mapping exercise next


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