Dot voting

A quick, democratic way to prioritise and refine lots of ideas.

1-8 people
10 minutes



Dot voting helps your team to:

    • choose which ideas to progress as a collective
    • give everyone the opportunity to input into the design route
    • consider everyone's opinion
    • succeed and fail fast together


People with a range of different perspectives and knowledge which usually includes:

    • a facilitator
    • all team members
    • key stakeholders
    • anyone outside the team who could add a different view or who you want to engage


You can use this method when:

    • you have created lots of ideas that need to be discussed and prioritised
    • you need to agree as a team which ideas are best suited to progress

Things you need

    • A digital or physical space to get all the ideas visible
    • Digital or physical sticky dots
    • Timer and someone do the timing

Tips on running the session

Make sure everyone understands:

    • the ideas that are prioritised will be progressed - be confident that they are viable, provide value for users and can drive key metrics
    • it's easy for bias to creep in - have reasons for your choices other than 'lots of other people chose it'


  1. Get everything visible that you want to vote on, it might be sketches, storyboards or ideas.
  2. Let everyone know how many votes they have - you might choose an unlimited amount or give a set number of votes for people.
  3. People shouldn’t influence one another’s votes or sell their idea.
  4. Let everyone cast their votes.
  5. Reorder ideas or sketches - most votes at the top, and the least at the bottom.
  6. Discuss if the team are all happy with the ideas that have been prioritised and how many of them to progress.
  7. Keep visual evidence of all the ideas - you might want to come back some that didn't get prioritised on this occasion.
  8. Next you could use Priority mapping for your chosen ideas.


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