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Team activities which help teams to communicate and keep up-to-date with developments. These include Stand-ups, Retros, Show and tells.

Collaborative working

A way of working that values time for the team to work together. Team time focuses on doing the work, not meetings to discuss progress. In agile and service design, teams discuss progress and how they are working in stand-ups and retros.

Community of practice

A group of people who are interested in learning about a topic or job role together. Communities of practice (CoP)s aim to meet regularly and stay in touch through messaging groups in between.

Members of the CoP take turns to run the sessions. CoPs are safe environments where members can contribute without worrying about criticism.

Content designer

A content designer writes content that:

  • who have a disability or condition
  • with English as their second language
  • with low literacy
  • who are not confident using digital technology

They are not usually responsible for interactive design in the team.

Content designers work collaboratively in agile teams and may support the team with service design, user research and interactive design if they have skills in that area.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement can mean different things but it’s always about making things better. It could be continuing to test and improve a product or service after it goes live. It could be continuing to improve the way the team works together.

The important thing is that team makes decisions on what to improve together after considering all of evidence. It’s not based on one person’s opinion or request.

Crazy eights

A way to generate lots of ideas to solve a problem in a short space of time. The method involves generating 8 ideas in 8 minutes.


Sessions to help designers and content designers to review what they are working on. Team members share ideas early in the process so that they can use the team’s feedback to improve it before showing it to users.

Cross-team working

Members of different teams working together on projects to share skills and ideas. For example, a team member from the ecommerce team could work with a team member from membership. They could share what they have learned about accessibility from user research on apps.

Cross-functional working

Teams that include people with different roles working together on a product or service.

This might include content designers, service designers, interaction designers, researchers, delivery managers, front end developers, business analysts.


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