Ways of working.

Help your team work together to:

  • find value for Co-op by working on the right thing
  • generate ideas and achieve goals
  • develop solutions that meet your colleagues and customer needs
  • share how you deliver results and what you learn
  • maintain team wellbeing

Team guidelines.

Use these guidelines to check what your team has in place and what you need to create.

Start with Vision and goals and work your way through the guidelines.

Each section of the checklist includes guidance notes, steps and templates if you need them.

Vision and goals:

Understand how your work fits into the wider Co-op vision, set measurable goals and metrics, and link it to your day-to-day work.

Team charter:

Agree on your team roles and responsibilities. Set out how you want to work as a team and when you will review it.

Plan regularly:

Put regular team slots in the diary for you to review how you are making the most of your time as a team. Make sure everyone feels safe to raise questions about when and how you will meet your goals.

Visible progress:

Create methods of reporting to stakeholders and colleagues that suit your team.


Work out how you are going to show other teams what you are working on and give them the chance to feedback on what you are learning. Put Show and Tells, week notes or other communications in your plans.

Team Health:

Make sure that your team are all happy with the way you are working together and progressing towards goals.


Organise regular sessions for your team to talk about what’s working and what’s not. Set actions to fix anything that is off track.

Design thinking methods.

Use more design-thinking methods and activities to help you to align your thinking, think about your user journey, prototype and get feedback on your ideas, and communicate what you are learning.

View all design methods and activities


Use this list of definitions to help you understand terms that you might see or hear at Co-op.

View the glossary

Case studies.

Find out how teams at Co-op are using the ‘name’ to support their ways of working and deliver results.

View case studies


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