Dot voting

A quick, democratic way to prioritise and refine lots of ideas.

1-8 people
10 minutes


  1. Get everything onto the wall that you want to vote on, it might be sketches, storyboards or ideas
  2. Keep everything at eye level, and if you have groups of ideas separate the groups
  3. Let everyone know how many votes they have - you might choose an unlimited amount or give a set number of votes for people
  4. Hand out sticky dots according to the number of votes each person has
  5. People shouldn’t influence one another’s votes or sell their idea
  6. Let everyone cast their votes
  7. Reorder ideas or sketches on the wall with the most votes at the top, and the least at the bottom
  8. You may choose to only keep the ideas that have the most votes
  9. Next you could use Priority mapping for your chosen ideas.


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