Crazy eights

Create lots of ideas to solve 1 problem.

1-8 people
10 minutes



Crazy eights help your team to:

    • create lots of new ideas quickly
    • give everyone a chance to share ideas
    • understand that their first idea isn’t always the best and work past it


People with a range of different perspectives and knowledge which usually includes:

    • a facilitator
    • all team members
    • key stakeholders
    • anyone outside the team who could add a different view or who you want to engage


You can use this method when:

    • research has provided enough confidence to start creating ideas
    • you’re starting work on a new discovery, product, service or feature
    • you or your team needs to look at a problem from a new perspective

Things you need

    • The problem you want to solve on the wall so that people can see it for the whole activity
    • Information that will help, for example, outcomes, commercial value, user research
    • A table with enough space for people to draw
    • A3 or A4 paper
    • Sharpies/pens
    • Timer and someone do the timing

Tips on running the session

Make sure everyone understands:

    • the problem you’re trying to solve and how it fits into the bigger picture
    • that there’s no such thing as a bad idea - it's about volume at this stage
    • the quality of drawing is not important - it's about getting your ideas across, not being an artist
    • what you will do with the ideas after the session


  1. Agree the challenge or problem for the ideas you want to solve.
  2. Write the problem on a sheet of paper or whiteboard and place it where everyone can see it.
  3. Give everyone a single blank sheet of A3 or A4 paper.
  4. Fold it in half 3 times - to make 8 equally sized panels.
  5. Set a phone timer for 8 minutes (1 minute per panel).
  6. Let everyone know that when the timer starts they need to quickly sketch 1 idea per panel individually - the quality of drawing is not important.
  7. Call out the time every minute and ask everyone to move onto the next sketch. It’s okay if some people have started the next one early.
  8. Ask everyone to hold up their ideas (or stick them on the wall) and talk through them.
  9. To prioritise the most viable and valuable ideas, use the Dot voting method.


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